Wednesday 15 October 2014

Karl Lagerfeld, London

As ever, the world according to Karl continues to grow and grow and the older Lagerfeld becomes the more he seems to produce.  The world of Karl appears to be Kreeping into all areas of life if of Kourse firstly you allow it but also if you can afford it.  Need an outfit? Pop to Lagerfeld.  Have a Kat and need a dress?  Pop to Lagerfeld.  Need a Kandle?  Then pop to Largerfeld.  You get the idea.  No one Kan deny his innovation of Kourse and just check out the Karl Daily.  The man has just about every area Kovered across the world of design and now you Kan read all about it too.  Please note however that if we did actually have a Cat, it wouldn't be wearing a fricking dress.  Are you Knuts?  We might purchase a Kandle however.

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