Thursday 16 October 2014

Aishti, Middle East

Images Courtesy and Copyright 

The inspiration for this AW14 scheme has been drawn from the traditional Autumnal Orange and Golden Brown tones typical of the Northern hemisphere season.  The New York based design company Sagmeister and Walsh have been working with this brands online and graphic campaign in conjunction with those lovely guys at  We adore this time of year as the colours are simply delicious and of course it underlines the transition between each period so significantly.  We just could not imagine being placed permanently in a country where the difference is simply hot, hotter, unbearable heat although we appreciate that a lot of you who read this do.  If you happen to be around the middle eastern area then do go and check out this brand.  It really is so refreshing to view continual high standards of installation and presentation from brands beyond the usual areas in the world.

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