Wednesday 6 August 2014

Patron Silver @ Selfridges, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Richie Hopson
OK, hands up (no pun intended) we have tried this product (Patron Silver) for ourselves and oh beejesus it really is delish although we have to say we did slightly begrudgingly share our bottle last night with friends; well we wanted it for ourselves.  We also have to confess that we do have a taste for beautiful things and this is certainly one of them.  With its agave aromas and hints of citrus it really did go down a treat.  We also particularly love the fact that the glass is recycled, hand made by artisans and individually numbered (although we cant quite see the number right now if you know what we mean).  As regular readers will know we are big fans of the windows at Selfridges but also the work of those lovely guys at Harlequin Design.  Just check out their swanky new logo below this entry or on the main page.  Delicious all round and a big old feel good factor too......are we slurrrrring?

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