Friday 25 April 2014

Panpuri, Bangkok, Thailand

Images Courtesy and Copyright Hans Audric B. Estialbo 

We are always so pleased that people around the world share our passion of Visual Merchandising and indeed share their images too.  Panpuri is a brand which we weren't previously familiar with but the brand have graciously shared their latest installation with us so that we could share it with you.  Currently a niche brand in Bangkok, Panpuri is located across 29 countries (one of which you may well be living in)  We've seen recently, examples across the luxe brands in Paris and some here in London, the 'tropical paradise' trend and clearly it continues to spread itself around the world.  The Panpuri flagship shown here and based in Gaysorn, Bangkok has a window installation which has been transformed into this exotic woodland complete with Pea fowl and gorgeous foliage.  Great to see fantastic creativity coming from places beyond the usual mega-metropolises of London and New York.  Thank you for sharing guys.

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