Thursday 20 March 2014

Geurlain, Paris

This brand is rather a blast from the past don't you think?  As with a lot of these dusty old names, (e.g. Pierre Cardin, YSL, Mr. Byrite?....or Mr. Burr-i-tee as it was so affectionately renamed for those of you who remember 1980's London) this one appears to have been revived, dragged away from the Petrol station forecourt (Gas Station for our U.S. readers) and token counter; if like us you remember, 6 gallons and get some free 'wine' glasses and a free bit of cologne that would either stun a buffalo at 20 paces with a blindfold, unintentionally blister the varnish on your 70's pine furniture or burn the skin of a small child (allegedly ..!).....but no, they are out there or at least out there somewhere and screaming along the high street.  And what a noise they are making.  Great to see some enormous creativity and life being pumped into this brand and looking so damned good too.

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