Friday, 13 December 2013

Macys, New York

If you want to be underwhelmed and are up for a giggle then do go and view this little gem of a scheme at Macys.  We don't know if they take themselves too seriously (probably) but here we have the usual offering of 'cookie cutter' malarkey that only tourists or those from the 'burbs could truly love?  With their strap line, 'Believe' (of course we do) which can be seen a lot around the immediate streets on banners, the narrative here is of a little boy and a series of his experiences (we just couldn't bring ourselves to delve too deeply).  We did think anamatronics were a thing of the past but here it is in all its juddering glory together with a sprinkling of 21st century technology.  Oh Macys you are the gift that just keeps giving.  Check out our video and you too can 'Believe'.

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