Friday 13 December 2013

De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Images Courtesy and Copyright

We leave you alone in Europe for just a few moments and you get all creative on us.  If we had known De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam were going to produce this incredible scheme we would have swung by and taken a look for ourselves.  Thankfully our contacts have shared these with us so that we can show you too and how magnificent and interesting is this installation, eh? (unfortunately we are unable to make the images bigger but if you subscribe by e-mail then you should be able to do this for yourself)  We've seen quite a few references to the Victorian period here in New York so it is fantastic to identify this as one of the key trends this Winter as well as, as you will see much later this month, references to space travel, astronomy and icebergs; clearly some of the luxe brands have their forecasters working overtime.  The direct references here are to Victorian paper toy theatres which those geniuses at UXUS in conjunction with De Bijenkorf have really pulled off so well.  A series of theatrical narratives takes the customer on a journey through a mysterious forest with magical animals which enhances selected product in each window (our favorite is the one at the top).  Brilliant stuff guys.   

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