Friday 20 September 2013

Planet in collaboration with ABC Mannequins Event, London

Were you at the Planet and ABC mannequin event last night at the Sanderson Hotel here in the centre of it all?  No?  Then you missed a corker of an evening.  This event rocked London last night with these fantastic figures that we could quite easily have taken home with us.  We are of course in therapy for this but we know you wont tell anyone, will you?  Anyway, this delicious collection from some of the nicest guys in our industry with those gorgeous ambassadors Julie Foster and Kwan Pitman at the forefront are just fantastic, and we don't say this lightly.  Amazing company, tonnes of Champagne, old friendships renewed, and lets hope lots of orders placed for these guys although this was absolutely a 'here-we-are-this-is-what-we-are-doing-event' not a hard sell which made this such a wonderful evening.  If we had the budget we would snap up these gorgeous beauties.  If you do, why aren't you spending it here?

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