Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Veley, Panama

We been scouring this whole mall for innovative ideas and presentations and this particular store drew us in.  We think the brand is called 'Veley' but it could be 'Viley'?  Anyway, we've never seen this one before so it was great to view a local brand in a local place; move over globalisation.  Here we have essentially a shoe brand which is making things so interesting.  We loved the references to its heritage, the manufacturing process and the presentation itself certainly wasn't the most offensive, but ultimately it what was very interesting is to view a brand which at least is trying to make things a little less ordinary and we like that.

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  1. The real name is VELEZ, and it is a Colombian brand, which along with "Boots 'n Bags" and "Mario Hernandez" are major brands that manufacture leather goods in Colombia.


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