Wednesday 5 June 2013

Kenneth Cole, Panama

We really used to like the Kenneth Cole brand but we're not entirely sure what has happened to them?  We quite like the call to action vinyl's here on the fenestration which informs us to 'Take A Stand' (or take a seat) however.  What was particularly cool about this brand was that it actually once felt very luxurious and travelling from London and finding them in Chicago and New York was actually very exciting and then the brand planted itself onto the streets of London and we never shopped there again.  In December we came across the Reed Krakoff store in New York which incidentally we loved......hmmmmmm.....Kenneth Cole is looking rather lookie likey a very cheap version of the Reed Krakoff scheme, eh?.....bizarre coincidence?  Or, was the original Reed Krakoff scheme actually not so original in the first instance?  Who knows?

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