Friday 9 November 2012

Hobbs, London

OMG, WTF is going on with Hobbs?  Oh we do wish that these guys would raise their standards, in fact we are sending you guys creative vibes as we type.  This is just too awful to even comment, isn't it?  We've decided to include this brand in the hope that someone somewhere within the brand reads this and grabs this frumpy 'ole puppy by the throat.  We've all said sayonara to the likes of 'Woolies', the Pier, Barratts and so on.  Will this brand be one of those where we all say, 'Oh do remember Hobbs? maybe not, but in the meantime guys, do you really think anyone is going to steal merchandise from your windows? (remove the tag.....the jacket is not hand spun by nuns in Utopia, is it?)

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