Saturday 10 November 2012

Dorothy Perkins, London

Images courtesy and Copyright SFD

Wow, who would have thought that the brand Dorothy Perkins would actually look so cool?  We are quite stunned at this transformation.  We rarely include these guys and tend to give it a wide berth as we like to seek out the less ordinary.  However, hands up, this brand looks incredible, don't you think?.......whats that?  But its the Kardashians.  Well, yes, but you know what, it works and works well.  Its still a bit of a shame that the brand is called what it is and the 'mother ship' have considered a brand name change over the years as it is so incredibly dated (maybe there is an opportunity now?).  That said of course, if they are making it all work then fantastic.  Well done guys, you have done an amazing job with this tired old gal of a brand and it really is stunning. 

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