Monday 8 October 2012

Victorinox, London

It is very rare indeed to see live animals in retail store windows in the 21st Century.  Sure in China this is a common occurrence, but then regulations are rather more archaic and sensitivity to animals' well being is often seriously overlooked.  Thankfully as we are now in the Autumn season, sunlight is rather lacking here in London (window spaces become very hot in sunlight), however this doesn't excuse the use of live exotic fish (which are particularly sensitive) in a tank in a window on Bond street here in London with several metallic watches placed around them.  Down right cruel and unnecessary - no matter what the brand may tell us.  While we anticipate a lil 'ole e-mail explanation from Victorinox's PR and / or marketing departments sometime soon (as we often do from so many brands), the bottom line is guys that you are being cruel to animals in the UK for the sake of a product promotion and this is not acceptable.  This is an easy, obvious and unoriginal solution to demonstrate a products qualities.  If the company were truly creative the use of live exotic fish would not be necessary.
Ultimately, if we say nothing then who will?  No-one.  We also expect to see this scheme removed as a matter of urgency...............we're watching and waiting Victorinox.

Incidentally, the finish is also awful.

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