Friday 1 June 2012

French Connection, London

Well, hands up, how cool is French Connection looking?  We're still a little nervous about commenting on the 'Fashion' delivered by this brand as so many of you say to us that this brand produces the same 'ole stuff year after year.  However, while the brand campaign remains a little dubious and quite honestly a bit of an 'in joke' that no-one gets.......and no-one does?  do they?  The campaign is a little bit like Fine Art paintings of the 18th Century, i.e. only understood by the privileged few; No-one got it but it looked quite good and was so expensive so it must be good, right?  No.  In the meantime, these guys are clawing their way back to the high street yet home ware is looking actually very cool.  This is absolutely on trend, it looks hot and if we were working with this brand we would really push this rather than position this off the high street.  As we don't work for French Connection we can only stand from a wide perspective and watch with clenched buttocks at how these guys are paddling their way back to the surface to keep afloat.  We've really lost confidence in this brand unfortunately.  Home ware looks amazing;  can someone apply the same approach to the Fashion and get rid of this awful campaign?   We know you read these entries French Connection; We are the Bloggers, we are telling it like it is.

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