Friday 20 April 2012

Desigual, London

We have such insatiable appetites for creative schemes which is why we are always on the look out for the latest and greatest.  At Desigual, these guys do produce such fun schemes that we are ever more thankful that we live in our modern western society (bring on the sinning and debauchery).  If Desigual had installed this into a window in the Middle East where we have recently been showing you schemes, with their references to-dare-we-say-the-word-sex,  then they would probably have found themselves in prison for a few days - bonkers, eh?  Thankfully here in 'GMT' we can express our thoughts, poke a bit of fun and celebrate our fabulous freedom to entertain, to be creative and say what we like (with respect to others of course).  Thank goodness for democracy and the creativity that enriches us all and make our lives a lot more interesting and enjoyable.  Rock on Desigual and your creativity.....lets keep it coming?

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