Saturday 21 April 2012

BHS, London

We're just a little shocked that this is the second time we have included this brand just a few weeks apart, having never included them ever before.  Well, hats off to these guys, as they clearly have their fingers on the pulse of the high street and the latest Visual Merchandising trends.  OK, well, we're not particularly overwhelmed by the large format graphics, but, well that kind of stuff is what the corporate environment is all about, however, to be able to sneak in a few glorious bits of 'display props' simply elevates this (and lets be honest, very dull brand) into one which appears to be rising like a phoenix from the high street ashes and with a wonderfully and carefully thought through injection of creativity.  Of course we want to see more, although large leaps could kill the considered move towards what are perhaps attempts to make this brand just a little more interesting.  In the meantime we'll keep a distant eye on what these guys are doing and hopefully the CEO will read this (and we know all CEO's love to read blogs about their brands)  and support these guys..........we want more creativity BHS...! (else......just go rogue and do it anyway and lets see what you guys can really do?)

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