Friday 19 August 2011

VM and Display Awards, 2011

If you haven't submitted your VM and Display solutions and concepts for the VM and Display Awards 2011 then the clock is ticking.  You only have just a few more hours to hit that deadline today.  If you would like to submit your work from 2011 which will be judged by a panel of independant representatives,  You can enter by email at

This week we met with the team from the Awards 2011 together with VM representatives working across our industry. With our wide ranging perspectives, viewpoints, understanding and interpretation of our collective VM industry,  it was beneficial  for us to reflect on where we are with our Awards and where we would like them to be as we move forward to the future.   Representatives from Luxury Brands, Sarah Southgate (Harrods), High street multiples, Tim Whitmore (Topshop), Industry Suppliers, Michael Smith (SmithVC), Academic and practitioner, Jonathan Baker (London College of Fashion) collectively discussed potential ideas and concepts regarding the future of these awards and the forms which they may or could possibly take.  In order to maintain a high level of transparency and fairness for the benefit of our wider industry colleagues, representatives and interested parties, the contributing group, have not made absolute decisions with any deliberate exclusions or to the detriment of others in our industry, only opened up potential possibilities by drawing on our wide variety of experiences and backgrounds which enabled us to discuss potential ways forward in order to support these Awards in becoming ever more prestigious.  We have no monopoly on the eventual outcomes, these things are still open for discussion with all industry contributors, colleagues and so on, however this was an opportunity to develop some kind of framework from which to begin and reflect on where we have come from.  Through our meeting this week which was enormously productive in analysing what works well, unravelling areas for development and potentially exciting ways forward we feel sure that this year will be one of the best so far, but we do wish to build further on this foundation and it is crucial, we feel, for the longevity of our industry that we do so.  We wholly support the future of these Awards as we move forward and we would like you to join us too to celebrate the great and greater of our UK VM industry on the 7th October 2011.  Of course we would also like to wish you good luck in being selected to win one of these incredibly prestigious Awards too.

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