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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Brooks Brothers, London

Wow, we really love Brooks Brothers at the moment.  It seems faux plaster busts (the kind we often see in town halls around London although actually in plaster or stone) and phrenology heads amongst other things are being seen quite a lot around town right now from Liberty to Tommy H.  Anyway, the attention to detail here is quite superb.  OK, well the boating stuff we can leave way, way behind (that's all part of the simulated heritage of this brand), but the guys here have produced such a wonderfully detailed scheme with references to 'Back to School' in a way which is so wonderfully subliminally done as to hardly notice.  All the dynamics are here in conjunction with the narrative.  We have never been inside this store, but we are going to have closer look now...we're drawn in.

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