Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Puma, London

The guys at Puma, London, have huge pendulous balls.
If you happen to be on Carnaby street soon do go and have a look at the Puma store.  These guys are rocking London right now.  Incidentally, we're not fans of people in our images as we like to concentrate on the presentation of store windows rather than the corn dolly weaves, very big hair, mullets and him and her fashions with matching kiddies that so many tourists seem to adopt.  It also took a while loitering and watching the loiterers to give you an image without the mass of tourists - this was a 5 second window without a mass of tourists who seem to insist on following us while watching the watchers in case they are missing something or as if we are the entertainment?  Quite bizarre.  Anyway......Puma look great.  With their huge balls displayed on the fascia and suspended within the windows (billiard balls.... of course) and their Styrofoam chalks which form plinths on which to display the product, this is a fun scheme worthy of mentioning and wonderfully produced.  If you happen to be here, you must take a look.

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