Monday 15 August 2011

London Executive, London

Estate Agents really are the dullest places, aren't they?  Often even just looking past the multitude of images in a repetition format into what are essentially office spaces with (usually) men in chalk stripe suits and 'hilarious' ties sat behind desks, invariably on the telephone.  Reflected in the fenestration you can often find us falling fast asleep having just looking at them.  Anyway, here at London Executive (York Street, in the Marylebone Area of London), we love the light boxes which when used creatively, rather than simply to highlight a graphic, can work so well.  One only has to view the best bars in Paris and New York to evidence this.  Anyway, while on our journey flaneur-ing the streets of London we happened across London Executive with their Monopoly-like houses placed on light boxes.  What a great idea, hey?  OK, well they are cardboard printed boxes with the details of the various properties to rent or buy at eye-watering prices, but what a breath of fresh air.  We're so glad that at least one estate agent is making an effort.  We just have to work on Banks, Post Offices and those those Chalk stripe suits.   

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