Thursday 4 August 2011

Peter Jones, London

We recently mentioned that our students from the London College of Fashion won the Gold prize at Olympia a few weeks ago.  Well, if you happen to be Sloane Square right now, you can view their installation in person.  OK, well it is tucked away in the back streets, but then all the fun things happen there anyway, right?  So, do meander your way along here as we also found some really great schemes in the stores behind their installation which we'll include over the next few days also.  In the meantime, the guys at Peter Jones have been incredibly supportive of the new and latest talent emerging into the Visual Merchandising industry and this communicates incredible confidence in their own brand that they are able to give some (and we don't under estimate this) incredibly expensive space in support of the new industry talent.  How cool are the guys leading this, hey?

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