Thursday 25 August 2011

Hugo Boss, London

Contrary to our predictions that Hugo Boss would produce 'all things underwater' schemes for the next few months, they have swiftly changed direction and, we have lots of clocks really, albeit representing the various time zones.  Soooooo, we could wax lyrical about the levels of hidden meaning behind these and how they represent the internationalism of the commercial market, and so on.  Or we could say that they we simply repetition of radiating forms of the same size, if we were to apply some product dynamics.  But anyway, we're so incredibly bored with seeing clocks representing various time zones.....because we-haven't-seen-that-before-have-we?  At least the dressing is decent, the product is great, we saw one of the team working on this scheme last week clearly checking out the detail.  BUT, this is as dull as London weather in Winter-time.  Cu'mon guys inject some fun into these schemes.  Menswear can be fun, ironic, interesting etc. without being Neanderthal, dandy and plain old camp.  Do all men really want Black, Brown and Grey all of the time?  No we don't.  You heard it from the source.

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