Tuesday 9 August 2011

Etro, London

We recently saw the opening of the new Etro store here in London (although we weren't actually invited to the opening ourselves).  At first glance, this looks like a really interesting scheme and thankfully the creative team have a lot more space to work with compared to their previous store windows.  Anyway, if you've ever visited any of the wax museums around the globe (and we always seek them out, Fisherman's Wharf SF, Musee Grevin Paris and so on) doesn't this feel like one of those tableaux where one would expect to see the likes of Jackie 'O' with bushy eye brows next to a glassy-eyed Oprah, at least three Popes. while chucking in a grimacing Julia Roberts for good measure, all un-strategically placed in an unlikely drawing room somewhere that never existed?  Throw in the odd faux mirror and fireplace, and we are all part of the scene ourselves. Perhaps a painted view of the Kremlin viewed beyond the net curtained back windows would help this hang together in a less bizarre narrative?  While you have those thoughts in your mind..... wiring mannequins in these kinds of brands is a must, however we're not actually sure if the flooring could take it?  Still, that's Design by committee for you. 

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