Sunday 31 July 2011

Urban Outfitters, London

We really quite like the latest scheme from Urban Outfitters in the old C&A store site.  Although it is a little chaotic looking at it when one analyses static images however it does actually work really rather well on the high street and certainly grabbed us long enough to stop and record these for you.  Oddly the actual Urban Outfitters illuminated signage looks a little dated next to the painted signage on the fenestration, don't you think?  On a side note, and just a little snippet of information which you may be of interest.  Just underneath these windows, running directly right across the road to Ms. Selfridge opposite is a huge underground tunnel.  Quite why its there we're not sure, although possibly it was linked to the underground bomb shelter that used to be in the basement of Topshop and it no doubt has been covered up by each of the stores. Although we do remember, during pre-Internet and digital camera days enormous locked iron doors with a tiny spy hole in them where we could shout to the staff in the stockroom at the then C&A store to break up the long hours working in a huge retail store.

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