Saturday 23 July 2011

Selfridges, London

We've been boating at the Truvia Voyage of Discovery with Bompas and Parr at Selfridges today.  Whats so interesting about that we hear you ask?  Well, the roof of Selfridges hasn't been accessed by the general public since World War II.  An enormous 65 years and we were there.  On entering the paper back covered lift near the Chanel concession on the ground floor we were elevated to the top of it all with the enviable views over London.  On leaving the lift (or elevator for our U.S. readers) we were presented with crystals (in order to exchange for cocktails) and information about the pending experience.  Small boats take one across this experience floating amongst the edible and incredibly tasting Stevia plants surrounding the pool.  Apparently Truvia sweetener is a calorie-free sweetener and from first hand experience, dipping Strawberries into it from the floating waiters, it really does taste quite incredible (and it really does...! honestly..!).  We were quite in awe of the experience and adored every moment.  These kind of experiences help maintain this store at the top of the list of places to be and experience that one can completely understand how visitors spend a whole day here.  If you weren't fortunate to receive or buy invitations/tickets to this event we've included extra images for you to enjoy and imagine.

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