Tuesday 19 July 2011

Dior, London

Dior seems to be one of those brands that is a little hit-and-miss presentations wise.  Sometimes they seem to get it absolutely right and others (across the whole brand) just don't seem to hit 'it' at all.  But, anyway, that's simply our response to what they do and what do we know anyway, right?  However, in its pure simplicity, this scheme works so incredibly beautifully.  These large plush screens form the backdrop to the mannequins wearing the latest offering from this brand and the colours here are absolutely superb.  Our images just don't do this scheme justice.  Our only gripe is that as these back panels have been moved at some point and finger prints have been left in the velvet (?) panels.  The window cleaner has probably been in and this always happens unfortunately, however the marks are quite glaring as you can see in the image below left.  If the presentation is perfect, as one would expect from a luxury brand, then no-one would even notice, however, anything slightly out of sync. with these type of brands, absolutely screams lack of care, even when it was quite unintentional.

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