Monday 20 June 2011

Hackett, London

Its all about 'Sale' around town.  Red % off signs are dominating the majority of store's windows right now, which of course is the standard approach.  We're always on the look out for the latest and greatest and someone who's doing something just that little bit different.  OK, well Sale time is an inevitable consequence of the industry that we are in, however it is so refreshing to see a company do something just that little bit different.  Here at Hackett the guys are clearing out the old stuff but showing us a teasing glimpse of whats to come.  How fab is that, eh?  We've never seen this combination before (and we've been looking at this stuff a long time) so this is a refreshing and welcome strategic approach.  When we did look through the sneak peek camera lens,  almost like naughty school boys looking through the dormitory key hole,  whatever it is behind it wasn't actually working at the time when we looked (but it is now) This was a real shame as we were really excited and drawn in to see what was going to be revealed.  However thankfully we've been sent a copy for you to view.  We love what these guys do, this is quite a leap forward, something which is great fun and to be celebrated too.

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