Wednesday 22 June 2011

East India Tea Company, London

We're so embarrassed mentioning this scheme again (OK not really) But regular readers will remember just last week we asked these guys at the East India Tea Company to get rid of their Black Plastic Bin Liner (home trash can liner for our readers in the US) rippled base and Christmas-gift-stylee-wrapped plinth, while teasing just a little about the pseudo fabric created figure in the background.  It seems our (probably unwelcome advice to go and view Fortnum and Mason windows to see how it should be done) has resulted in the below...taadaaaa...!  Fabric from previous pseudo mannequin / figure is now covering the base.  How versatile is this fabric, hey?  We're now just left wondering what kind of origami-like-thing-type-of-construction this fabric will be by next this space....  In the meantime, please can someone else just go and tap on the windows and tell 'em, eh? For our part, we'll just keep telling it like it is.

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