Friday 27 May 2011

Kurt Geiger, London

We have to admit that Kurt Geiger are getting it all so right, right now.  We haven't always said nice things about this brands presentation, and while of course it was clear that they were getting it all so wrong, they seem to have turned it all around and are now producing some really fun schemes.  Shoes are very difficult to present well, and either they are stacked to the rafters (as in some of the multiple chains) or one individual pair are showcased (as in some of the luxury brands).  Kurt Geiger, possibly falls in between the two and while we have always felt that they were a little bit damaged in the same way as brands such as Pierre Cardin, they really are blossoming again into a tour de force on the high street.  Their fabulous Neon signage and showcase windows within which their incredible product has been suspended are both fun and draw the customers into their spaces.  We're dying to see what they will do next.   

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