Wednesday 20 April 2011

Regent Street, London

Its all hotting up here in the City of London right now that one cant help feeling that there must be a pending Royal Wedding?  Even with our own cynical minds we felt a strange odd pang of pride to be British while walking along an albeit 2011 version of a street scene reminiscent of post-war (1945) Regent street (only in glorious colour, less the techni).  These images are the kind of ones we will reflect on and maybe think "Oh yes, I remember the wedding,.....ohhh... and all those flags on Regent St".  Strangely, these images already look incredibly dated and poor Mrs. Middleton must have been sewing from the Berkshire pad, literally for England and for months.  Photoshop-ing out the cabs and the people, one might feel that one has just stepped onto a film set or did World War II just end?  If you are British and reading this, wouldn't it (strangely) be wonderful to see these kinds of sights more often?  We have finally reclaimed the Union flag back from the less than savoury political wings that paraded it (it seems particularly from the Thatcher years onwards) with such dubious pride and for so long?  We loved this sense of British pride on seeing this view in the heart of retail-land, however we just wish we could see this or these kinds of things  more often?  Sadly, these buildings/street rarely do anything interesting, so just don't get us started on who actually owns them?  Think old lady, big crown, lives in a council house and goes by the name of Liz.

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