Thursday 21 April 2011

Daks, London

We were forced to stop and view the latest installation from Daks this week while on our travels.  Large panels covered in (probably a few thousand) pearl-like buttons form two crowns as the backdrop to the product. We're always interested in whats happening out there on the high street, and particularly trying to understand how the 'visual' can be interpreted and the meanings behind how the 'visual' can possibly be read as having.  OK, well one could argue that good old W&C are not King and Queen just yet and and the images do have a bit of the 'Cor-blimey-Guv'nor-knees-up-mother-Brown' about it, particularly as pearl buttons have been used.   However, we do strangely really like it (if that actually means anything), its been beautifully produced, we screeched to a halt to record it and it captures the emotion of the pending occasion quite beautifully.  We don't always appreciate what this brand produce visually, but this time, hands up, job well done we think.

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