Monday 11 April 2011

Matches Fashion, London

Images Copyright and Courtesy of Matches Fashion

Wow, it really must be British Summer time now that Matches Fashion have launched their recently scheme. The latest offering from this brand is called  "Print, Colour, Clash [and] based on this season's Print trend taking inspiration from the work of Irina Graewe [and] featuring collections such as Suno, Missoni and Carven".  "The use of African textiles as head-dresses also accent the Tribal feeling [of these collections] which are used in conjunction with the vintage bust-forms from (our dear friends) at Proportion>London".  It really is great to see these boutiques make such an effort to grab our attention on the high street, particularly when so many multiple brands appear to have simply given up.  To us, Matches Fashion is screaming that they do care about what they do and that they do care about their presentation and about how we as the customer are nurtured from the high street into their stores.  See you there at 9.00am then? 

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