Thursday 28 April 2011

Juicy Couture, London

This is quite an odd scheme for this brand, don't you think?  From the rather-more-sophisticated schematic version of Topshop to one which one would liken to one of the luxury brands close by, we felt it was quite odd to carry references to Hartnell at this store.  Of course, there are the obvious references to the Royal Wedding, but from stacked suitcases to hammocks to Norman Hartnell is quite a leap.  Oh well, stranger things have happened..........or so we thought.  It seems that these guys are rather more clever than we had given them credit for.  Wasn't this the site (or at least close to) of the original boy-from-Streatham, Sir Norman Hartnell's original store?  We're not absolutely sure, although it was on Bruton street where his store was based.  Genius, and a wonderful reference to the designer who carried the Royal warrant for Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) and Queen Elizabeth II, 1957 and designer of Royal wedding stuff for decades.  Oh you clever Juicy lot...!  What a wonderfully clever Royal reference and one that took us a while to work out.  Brilliant and certainly the most thoughtful scheme we've seen so far.

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