Sunday 17 April 2011

Desiguel, London

We have to hand it to these guys as they really do make an effort to entice us into their stores.  Desiguel always seem to have such fun schemes in their windows - whether we personally like them or not is absolutely irrelevant, as they clearly really do work hard to entertain us.  What is particularly interesting about this scheme is the appeal to the auditory senses.  In Visual merchandising this is something that is very under utilised in the industry, as is the olfactory appeal.  If you happen to see this scheme and listen above the noise of the traffic on Regent street (no mean feat) one can hear the call of the seagulls (just about) from the fenestration.  Huge applause to these guys for doing something that we no longer see (or hear very much these days).  If you happen to walk along the luxury brand streets one can just smell the luxury oozing from the stores although this is probably not deliberate.  Luxury brands just smell nice anyway.  However, hats off to these guys for the wonderful entertainment and really trying hard to appeal to something more that the usual visual.

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