Friday 15 April 2011

Belstaff, London

We've only just realised that we've never mentioned this brand on this site before.  We often pass this store along Conduit st. but strangely it always seems to elude us.  Having said that, we've had a closer look at the merchandise and while it is rather pricey it is quite wonderful.  In fact we were drooling over the collections on-line.  Unfortunately, if you wish to buy on-line (and we're not sure this is a brand that one would want to do this with) the site is rather out of date.  Strangely its rich history only leads up until 2006 - bizarre, eh?  Also, the merchandise available on-line is also quite limited.  Looks like a visit to the store is in order.  Anyway, within the window schemes the brand have used old crates in which to present the merchandise.  This is something we've seen a lot of around town since January.  The brand have also used these full bodied generic mannequins in a high gloss  Black finish.   The colours of course of the merchandise are absolutely on trend and we're going to swing by soon and take a closer look.  

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