Friday, 25 March 2011

Burberry, London

Wow, the merchandise at this brand is quite incredible right now and we are huge fans of it all.  Its incredibly sexy, desirable and we so want it...!  However, the legacy of the Burberry patterned-just-about-anything-we-can-print-it-on still lingers in the background.  We really love what these guys are doing merchandise wise but images of Daniella Westbrook dressed in this-dare-we-say-it motif and her lacking septum still haunt us rather than the brand heritage design that this brand seem to want to promote.  Could we ditch it please Burberry?  We're asking you not just as viewers on the street and flaneurs but as customers too.  We just don't like it.  Although we know our plea will fall on deaf ears (even though you read this site)  But, its no longer brand heritage, its simply our worst nightmare.  So c'mon, ditch the Burberry motif and lets see something exciting happening visually.  Maybe you need a new Head of Visual Merchandising?....;o)

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