Saturday 19 February 2011

Diesel, London

Diesel having been producing some incredible schemes at their Bond St. site, although we're not sure that this is one of them.  Large and badly stretched multiple canvasses screams to us that this is a low budget gap filler scheme rather than one that is considered and purposeful  Before you all shout at us, this is not the fault of the creative team, we believe, but the fact that budgets have been so streamlined (corporate speak - we'd prefer the term, completely annihilated and therefore crucifying creative teams into submission) and creative teams are really having to work even harder on such ridiculously low budgets that corners have to be cut.  Come on Diesel, support your creative team.  How your product is presented is everything.  Your product prices are high Diesel and we cant imagine that you are a poor company so give your creative guys a decent budget and allow them to continue to produce the incredible creative work we've seen previously at this store.

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