Wednesday 26 January 2011

Pierre Cardin, Paris

Its such a shame what has happened to this brand.  While iconic for some time and possibly just about everyone of a certain age is aware of it, we just cant help thinking about cheap belts, aftershaves that would strip your G-plan or 70's Pine furniture or could have stunned a mammoth and wallets that you would be embarrassed to show off.  Of course this brand is not alone and, at least for us Yves St. Laurent is still desperately clawing its way back up to the ladder of desirability after employing the same strategy of  too many licenses on a global scale selling stuff that one could find street sellers around the world trying to peddle for a pretty penny.  We're not sure what this space is all about as the Embassies close by had a big illuminated event and the French Police moved us on - and we weren't about to argue with their ferocity.  Still, its a great retrospective at least, although we cant help feeling that it needs a new 'star' to come along and do for it what (possibly) Tom Ford did for Gucci.   

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