Tuesday 25 January 2011

Hermes, Paris

We had heard of this Hermes store in Paris opening previously somewhere but had forgotten about it until we met Jerome Commergnat the former Commercial Director at Christian Dior recently who mention that we should go and take a look.  Incidentally what a nice guy...!  Anyway, just a stones throw away from the Bon Marche (now in the very capable hands of LVMH - we're waiting for the magic to happen with this iconic but faded glory-type store) is this Hermes mecca.  Situated in a former 1935 swimming pool, this store is just delicious.  Still retaining its original swimming pool surround, tiles an' all - the floor dips slightly around the edges and the central area has been filled in and covered in mosaics.  These incredible wooden structures dominate this space, inside which the merchandise is placed.  With an inclination toward home ware merchandise, this store does still have some fashion bits, but generally houses lifestyle stuff.  We really were in awe after seeing this.  It seemed a shame to fill in the swimming pool area with concrete but that's architects for you.  However with the most incredible staircase, handrails clad in stitched leather and beautiful finishes of glass and wood this really is a stunning place to view and experience and definitely a must on the retail visual merchandising trail.

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