Friday 10 December 2010

Victorinox, London

To my amazement I've only just realised that I have never included this brand on this site although this is probably because they don't always do anything very interesting?  Anyway, this is possibly the best scheme I've seen from this brand, but then it is the Christmas season so one would expect to see brands make at least a little effort.  With their large format graphic backdrop with what look like baubles, this scheme is at least a little more interesting.  However, while Xmas is the shortened version of Christmas, i.e X = Christ,  I don't ever remember it being hyphenated? i.e. X-mas.  Does this mean I will now have to call Christina  Aguilera, X-tina Aguilera? Or at least make it a Merry Victorinox-mas, guys?  Spelling error aside, I do like the coloured vinyl  on the glass in Orange (even if this seasons colour is actually Purple (Advent) and from a fashion trend point of view Copper....d'uh)  Come on guys at least get one thing right.  And there I was wondering why I haven't included this brand before hey?  Oh, now I remember.

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