Thursday 30 December 2010

OO, Artist, New York

There's something quite uplifting about having random conversations with random people that one happens across.  Just by chance I struck up a conversation with the Artist named O.  While I don't know the origins of his name, he is actually called OO - pronounced Owe Owe as opposed to Zero Zero, bizarre hey.  O himself clutching his passport showed it to me to prove it too.  Originally from Montana, "O Began 20 years ago as a photo-realistic inked ocean wave of people after a dream of being in an ocean of everyone who had ever been alive or would be, and evolved into 2000 faces... and now over 3000 faces of famous and infamous twentieth century people from around the world. It is a continuous work in progress". Visitors to O's pitch can also freely suggest anyone whom he may have omitted.  I am a fan of collage anyway, although this really is such stunning work by this artist, based on the streets of New York, selling his work on Prince St. and West Broadway.  If anything, do go and have a look and have a chat to him.  He's energetic, entertaining and clearly passionate about what he does.  Alternatively, check him out at

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