Thursday 2 December 2010

New Look, London

Would you buy a 20% off shirt just because you have seen it on TV?   No, neither would I.  And which TV?  Which channel?  Why isnt this mentioned?    Big brother informs me (very reliably) that this brand checks out this site. which of course is absolutely fine, so New Look if you are trying to sell  from a prime retail space on Oxford St, does anyone really want to feel that they are buying from a market stall particularly when your store as it was originally looked so good and aspirational?  I really want this brand to look good and while of course it is a value retailer (i.e. cheap stuff to you and I, but with great fashion) there is no excuse for such, dare I say it, for want of a better word, "failing" presentation and sales staff indifference.  Spend the money on presentation and staff development guys and encourage us in to your space.  Am just telling it like it is from the outside looking in.

Busy, Busy, Busy......just rushed off my feet.
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