Wednesday 1 December 2010

Harrods, London

Reminiscent of the Musee Grevin in Paris, the Harrods creative team have created this stunning installation at their Knightsbridge store.  Following on from my previous entry a few hours ago, this scheme is quite superb.  OK, I'm not a fan of the Disney-esque element of this scheme and Peter Pan wouldn't have been my first choice personally, although these tableaux / narratives are so superbly produced it is almost entirely forgivable (however not completely).  The level of detail that has gone into this scheme is mind blowing as every tiny piece of it has clearly been thought through and delivered with military precision.  This is the kind of scheme people (whoever people are) would travel across the country or from around the world to come and view and then be mesmerised by the work these guys produce.  If you haven't seen this scheme get yourself over to Knightsbridge and have a look.  This is the visual aspect of what we do at its very best.

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