Tuesday 14 December 2010

Barneys, New York

Once one steps beyond the incredible window scheme here at Barneys,  visually  the space is strangely rather toned down.  There are of course the wonderfully witty elements installed here such as above at the main entrance with the really fun Copper Brillo pad Christmas wreath suspended within a Copper leafed frame and each floor does initially have a slight personality which greets the shopper at the top of each escalator.  However, while I'm not disappointed as such, although just maybe slightly wrong footed, as the environment does feel a little bit Beckham-esque.  Ya' know, blank with little substance and depth but quite happy to take your cash?  I really wanted to be taken on a visual journey of discovery in this (what I thought was a fabulous store) and be excited at every turn and while I relished the open lofty spaces there was very little to excite me beyond the windows.  Menswear of course is the usual Zebrano fixtures and nearly all merchandise is Black, Brown and well Black....sighhh.  The creative visual in-store fix expectation was like opening one of those gifts that you know will be straight back on the re-gift list (although I never do that of course - ebay is my preferred option).  Ah well, at least the windows look amazing and that drew me in.  This  in store environment not living up to my expectations is the least of my worries, so, I'll get over it.....by next year.        

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