Tuesday 14 December 2010

Barneys, New York

I always make a beeline for Barneys after being overwhelmed by Bergdorf Goodman as I do love the expectation of being entertained.  This is after all what its all about, at least in part.  This year, Barneys theme is celebrity chefs.  After the homage to Saturday Night Live in 2009 and previously to Cher, Peace, Warhol and Rudolph Guilliani this year Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Martha Stewart etc. etc. get the Doonan treatment. (some of the chefs I'm not actually familiar with)  Anyway, the usual papier mache giant sized heads (the Doonan trademark) look great fun listing the Innovators and trailblazing chefs in the world of television.  The brilliant Illy dress (not shown here) too is beautifully executed hugely fun and just shows how creative these guys really are. 

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