Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tommy Hilfiger, London

Tommy Hilfiger seems to me to be one of those brands that have really lost their cache, you know, like Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne with their merchandise appearing in every discounted retailer around town.  In recent years however, it seems to have made quite a significant revival (not that I would shop there still) although it certainly has gained in presence with its stores in high profile sites.  Unfortunately of course the corporate production of their schemes is quite evident as I have seen this one in New York too although on first view it did look really interesting.  However, as with so many one-size-fits-all schemes sent around the world they just don't work unless every site is the same size (which of course is unrealistic to expect) or a strong team to implement this stuff is in place.  I'm not over excited at the use of the images of Iconic dead celebrities (dead apart from Debbie Harry that is) printed on cheap canvas in a repetition format as we have seen these appearing perpetually in every suburban retailer around the planet, for as long as I can remember.  The use of the large format graphic here in one of the main windows also hasn't been attached correctly leaving the canvas to fall away from the frame and as it is too small, it also reveals the merchandise behind it which makes the whole thing look so scruffy and lacks any real thought to detail.  I feel a ghastly celebrity endorsement coming on soon at this brand, but I just am left wondering who? - just watch this space I guess?

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