Monday, 29 November 2010

Diesel, London

Image Courtesy and Copyright Diesel
The scheme currently at Diesel's Bond st. site must be absolutely the best I have ever seen from this company.  It was so incredibly interesting too, to see where these concepts have developed from, the various influences that were gleaned and  the process of idea generation gone through making this simply wonderful visually, yet maintaining a great sense of meaning.  With the gorgeous photography from Xevi Muntane and the ever talented Kyle Bean (you may remember him from his installation at Selfridges a few months ago) what a better way to end this year with this brand than on such an electric high?  The level of detail within this scheme is exceptional with its black vinyl cut out trees, mossy flooring, tiny cut out people dwarfed by the Inca-esque temple and comparatively giant cut out images from Muntane's photography hovering in the background, this really is Visual Merchandising porn at its very best - and not a bauble or piece of tinsel in site - relief.

Image Courtesy and Copyright Diesel

Image Courtesy and Copyright Diesel

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