Sunday 24 October 2010

John Smedley, London

Earlier this year we saw the 'handmade' trend filtering through store windows.  With this trend we also saw the return towards and the rediscovery of fading skills such as knitting, crotchet, and embroidery. Sales of sewing machines were on the up and of course the incredible quilts seen both at Liberty and the Victoria and Albert Museum were just some of the delights delivered for our perusal.  I've been watching the schemes here at John Smedley for a while now as they have been doing some really interesting stuff.  The windows don't change very often and the space they have is significantly minute for a central London space, however we have seen some really interesting schemes happening here.  The latest installation has included the tiniest handmade figures and narrative scheme.  I adore the 1980's references to David Bowie and the the style of the figures.  Great fun, it drew me in, job done.

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