Monday 25 October 2010

Copper trend, Zara Home / Mango

I recorded  this Mango scheme / window recently in the middle of October here in Central London, although didn't really think of anything particularly interesting to write about it other than the fact that Copper seemed to be developing as a trend here on the high street.  Interestingly Zara Home, almost directly opposite has also picked up on this theme.  Zara's production time is apparently lightning fast and although Interior's trends seem to move at a snail's pace, this transition from high street fashion to high street interiors is remarkably quick. OK, well, we are now possibly heading towards the 'laggards' end of the various concepts of consumerism before Primark jumps on the bandwagon and we hear the death knell tolling and screaming in our ears, although I felt it was worth noting that this is happening within home furnishings at a remarkably fast pace - possibly a trend in itself?  

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