Friday 1 October 2010

Amouage, London

In celebration of the launch of  Memoir of the Black Swan, the guys at KSHT have been working in conjunction with Amouage to launch this latest fragrance with their current installation.  This store absolutely oozes with sophistication and  at £150 for a 50ml bottle of this gorgeous stuff, it is a little pricey for me, but then it does smell like its worth every penny.  Actually, also, if you check out Amouage's site they do produce wonderfully sophisticated videos to communicate the essence of their product too.  This is a particularly interesting trend that I mentioned earlier this week with the current Diesel store along Bond st.  Anyway, visually, piles of papers, neatly bound with Red ribbon essentially form the plinths on which the product has been placed with seemingly perfectly random but strategically placed Black feathers scattered throughout.  A Black old fashioned typewriter forms a focal point within the scheme from which reams of paper flow.  The night I photographed this, it was raining and cold so most of my images are blurred because I was shivering, however the fragrance here can be appreciated even from outside of the store which was actually quite an uplifting experience in that kind of weather.  However,  if you happen to be in Knightsbridge soon, do go and check out this site as the promotional scheme is very beautifully produced.  Also, dont forget to check out KSHT at and see what else these guys have been doing.

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